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       Promoting the greatness of our terrific

       city by the beach, Santa Monica!

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Santa Monica Concierge was created by Melanie Gendron to further highlight the greatness of Santa Monica. After many years living in Santa Monica, & consistantly being asked where to go, or how to find things, Melanie initially created the original Santa Monica Downtown Walking Tours in 2004.

Santa Monica Concierge
works along with o
ur daily, year- around varied Santa Monica Walking Tours which allow Visitors, Tourists, Business-people, as well as Residents, the opportunity to further learn & experience Santa Monica's beauty, history, shopping, restaurants, popular pier, parks, beaches, sports, sustainability, entertainment, nightlife, city involvement, & all those special must see Santa Monica "hotspots" & "everything Santa Monica!

The Santa Monica Walking Tours
share the exciting stories behind these guided tour venues that make Santa Monica like no other city. Whether sharing information or showcasing the greatness in Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Walking Tours allow participants a closer, more fun, intimate look at our great city by the beach. Equally important is the walking tour's great emphasis on health & fitness, as Melanie has an extensive  background in the health & fitness field, & all of her business & creative projects promote healthy living. 

Melanie graduated from a San Diego University, then was sent to New York by a California modeling representative to model (continued from her teen-age days). Her sociology, fashion, health-based lifestyle lead Melanie to represent popular health clubs in New York. She was soon teaching, setting up, and/or training advanced dance-orientated fitness classes to packed venues in top dance & fitness clubs/studio's in New York, South America, and California. Back in California, she moved on to work privately with prominant fitness clients on the Westside. She has incorporated her health & fitness background in multiple business &  creative/entertainment projects.

Santa Monica Concierge takes quality & personalized service/attention one step further. The emphasis behind this brand extension is to further embrace the greatness of Santa Monica through offering both Visitors & Residents exclusive personal shopping & styling service, plus Santa Monica specialized itinerary services for those busy individuals on the go! Best of all, "Everything's Santa Monica!"